Wellness Hub

A Wellness Hub to Care for Your Health & Wellbeing

Step into a complete sanctuary of wellness. Be well taken care of and be part of a complete wellness ecosystem with multi-dimensional programmes and services aimed at providing a better way of revitalising and rejuvenating.

​Our approach to health & wellness

Aimed at helping you achieve wellbeing and find sanctuary in your daily life, Komune Living & Wellness set up various partnerships with health, medical and wellness specialists to treat you right. Choose from the required health and wellness services in the categories listed below and get back to optimum health in mind, body and spirit based on your individual needs.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

A major component of the Wellness Hub here at Komune Living & Wellness, the all-new flagship TCM centre by Tong Xin Tang offers TCM consultation and treatments focused on wellness while emphasising on prevention of illnesses, and promoting self-healing ability. This will also be the first Tong Xing Tang Outlet to specialise on Treatment for Stroke Patients.

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Gain direct access to a range of medical specialties, diagnostic and screening services, as well as other quality healthcare services which are essential to promote and maintain good health right here.

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Beauty & Wellness

Take a relaxing respite and pamper yourself at our beauty salon and spa. Featuring massages, facial therapies, spa treatments, pedicures, manicures, and even eyebrow embroidery, our beauty and spa therapist are professionally trained to provide the best service delivering positive results. Come in today and treat yourself to the beauty and relaxation you deserve.

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Having good dental health is essential to maintaining healthy teeth and gums while keeping your mouth free of infections, injuries and other oral problems. This in turn helps managing your overall health, appearance, and quality of life. With professional dental health consultation and services available here, prevent and minimize any oral health problems you may face.

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Post-operative Care

After most surgeries, getting back to your regular ways of doing things, eating, or even walking, may become difficult. This strenuous period may even lead to stress and sleep issues, especially for seniors, and that is why, we are here to provide you with the professional care that you need. Get back on your feet with the supportive post-operative care services we provide to help your recovery process.

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Post Natal

Upon giving birth, new mothers go through many physically and emotionally changes while having to start caring for their newborns at the same time. Instead of a chaotic and tiring confinement period, why not be pampered and supported by our team of medical professionals while rebuilding your strength?

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Exceptional Wellness Amenities

At Komune Living & Wellness, we help connect you with the best amenities and facilities for health and wellness to provide well-rounded healing experiences. You can conveniently access the wellness facilities needed to help you live your best life.

TCM Centre

Medical and Specialist Clinics

Dental Clinics

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centres


Beauty & Massage Services

Fitness Centres

Convenience Store

F&B Establishments

*Tenant mix subject to change

Our wellness partners

To provide the best wellness, health, and medical services and care for our community and residents at Komune Living & Wellness, we have thoroughly undergone a selection process before shortlisting and partnering up with these award-winning medical and wellness professionals.

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Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC)

Active Retirement Living Programme

Experience a new level of retirement living with us. With focus areas like Alternative Medicine, Medical Wellness, Rejuvenation, and Rehab Treatment, choose from the specially tailored packages put together to suit your needs.

Alternative Wellness Retreat Package

Boost your health and wellness with this Alternative Wellness Retreat package brought to you in collaboration with our TCM partner - Tong Xin Tang.

Medical Wellness Retreat Package

When was the last time you had a full body medical check up? Now is always the best time to give some attention to your health and wellness. This Medical Wellness Retreat awaits with inclusions like medical screening, EECP treatments, pampering massages and more.

Rejuvenation Retreat Package

Take a break while taking care of your health and wellness. Recharge and rejuvenate with this special retreat we have prepared in collaboration with Komune Care. Look forward to a relaxing stay while being well taken care of.

Rehab Treatment Package

The road to recovery is always better with professional support. Sign up for this special package and let us help you with your recovery until you get back on your own two feet.

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