Assisted Living Units (ALU)

Enjoy Better Quality of Life

More than just a senior living option, our Assisted Living Units (ALUs) offer a true community where seniors can receive the care services that empower them to live independently and better than ever in retirement.

Assisted Living Studios

For seniors who require caregiver & nursing assistance

If it’s personalised assistance you need, our Assisted Living Studios come with care packages where our experienced nurses, professional therapists and trained caregivers are here to offer a helping hand with daily tasks around the clock. Get the extra peace of mind and the confidence you need to stay active and healthy while still enjoying life to its fullest.

Our Senior Care partner:

Most suitable for you or your parent(s):

  • To socialise and be surrounded by friends
  • Be involved through the specially organised sessions with our Occupational Therapists
  • To have the daily necessities well taken care of (eg: meals prepping etc..)
  • To be on schedule with medication
  • For a total peace of mind, knowing that their needs (medical, mental and physical) are well taken care of
  • Still active and want to pursue their interests and passions whilst in a comfortable surroundings

​Features include​:

Own personal ensuite bathroom, designed as accessible design with grabrails and shower seats.

Hospital grade beds - Accessible designed rooms with medical beds as required

Mobile app platform to monitor and track your health progress and communication with your specialists

Personalized CARE Plan to manage your care needs and health requirements which includes mental and wellness programs

Access 20000 sq ft of purposed built activity center, including outdoor senior gym, communal club facilities, mahjong rooms, KTV, warm water pools, cinema etc.

24/7 access to care services with a press of a button via our integrated call button system

Supported by a team of experienced Nurses, Therapists, Caregivers who will cater to their needs round-the-clock and see to their overall well being.

Explore Komune Living Wellness

Wellness Hub

Step into a complete sanctuary of wellness. Be well taken care of and be part of a complete wellness ecosystem with multi-dimensional programmes and services aimed at providing a better way of revitalising and rejuvenating.


Life at Komune Living & Wellness is about community-focused living, sharing living spaces, and engaging in events and activities with the option of being able to retreat to your own private accommodation when needed. More than a hotel or serviced residence, experience co-living here with an added focus on health and wellness especially for seniors or for anyone seeking a great accommodation option.

Senior Care

If you feel that change is needed, and that it is time to start living your golden years as you should, we can embark on this new chapter of life with you as you gain independence, freedom and peace of mind, for you and also your family


We are all about creating a community that lifts you up to where you want to be, while building an ideal lifestyle where people connect naturally and feel a sense of belonging. Simply because together, more meaningful milestones can be achieved.


Save and enjoy more with our promo codes, discounts and deals which will drop from time to time. Don’t miss out on these amazing perks from us to you. Whether it’s free trials for health & wellness related services, amazing room rates, special senior care add-ons, community privileges, or even exclusive FREEBIES, get access to great deals at great value right here. Stay tuned for our promotional packages and grab these offers while you can.


Let the images photographed here paint you a picture of what to expect when you choose to stay with us at Komune Living & Wellness. Whether a short stay during your trip to Kuala Lumpur, or a more permanent accommodation option for your golden years in Kuala Lumpur, our co-living, independent living, and assisted living studios as well as wellness and community facilities are just right for a great stay.

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