Social Connectedness and a Sense of Community

We are all about creating a community that lifts you up to where you want to be, while building an ideal lifestyle where people connect naturally and feel a sense of belonging. Simply because together, more meaningful milestones can be achieved.

Community activities & events

Here at Komune Living & Wellness, events and activities are tailored around our community and residents. From meaningful engagements like community dinners, group outings, or even charity fundraisers, to wellness centric programmes like yoga, fitness training and nutrition masterclasses, or even to personal growth workshops and mentoring sessions, there’s always something for everyone.

Fitness Workouts

Leisure Activities

Talks & Courses

Workshops & Group Sessions

Outings & Excursions

Fitness Workouts

Working out together is more fun and effective and can help to improve your health and wellbeing. Let’s take active-aging to the next level together.

  • morning strolls at the park
  • yoga
  • qigong
  • sunset aquarobics
  • tai chi
  • line dancing
  • ballroom dancing
  • swimming
  • jazzercise
  • mini sports day

Leisure Activities

Enjoy your time here with simple and fulfilling activities that can really be fun. Perhaps it’s what you used to love, perhaps it’s a new hobby. Whatever it is, let’s do it together and share the fun.

  • gardening
  • karaoke night
  • board & card games
  • movie night
  • bingo
  • book club
  • jigsaw puzzles
  • brainteasers

Talks & Courses

Keeping your mind active, is just as important as keeping physically active. Learn, grow and pick up new skills and knowledge in retirement with these talks curated especially for seniors.

  • self-care & health checks
  • nutrition & healthy lifestyle
  • mental health
  • communication skills
  • living passionately
  • social media for seniors
  • tech 101 for seniors
  • fashion, make up & styling

Workshops & Group Sessions

From hands-on learning and creative sessions to opportunities to purposefully contribute and make a difference for charity, we have lined up many programmes that will give you a sense of living purposefully.

  • pottery
  • painting / calligraphy / batik
  • baking & cooking classes
  • jewelry making
  • vocal & singing classes
  • flower arrangements
  • soap & candle making
  • music therapy
  • community meet and greet sessions
  • phone photography for seniors
  • community charity projects

Group Excursions

We like to keep things exciting and interesting and stepping outside gives us the opportunity to introduce a series of new activities and exciting experiences for all of us to discover and enjoy together.

  • golf sessions
  • tennis sessions
  • museum visits
  • visiting places of interest
  • outdoor picnics
  • nature walks
  • culture discovery

*Subject to changes by the management

Community Partners

From professional speakers and fitness instructors, to event organisers, venue partners, arts & crafts studios, and more, our line-up of community partners enrich our activities and make events here more fun.

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