Our Partners

To provide the best wellness, health, and medical services and care for our community and residents at Komune Living & Wellness, we have thoroughly undergone a selection process before shortlisting and partnering up with these award-winning medical and wellness professionals

Tong Xin Tang

Tong Xin Tang features a team of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioners and physicians who aim to serve and provide TCM diagnosis and treatment services to help improve overall health related issues for the general public.

Komune Care

A joint venture between UOA Group and Care Concierge, Komune Care presents a team of well-trained medical and healthcare professionals including nurses, therapists & caregivers specializing in nursing care, senior care, post-hospitalisation recovery and rehabilitation.

UMH Medical Group

UMH Medical Group offers a wide range of quality medical products and services in various specialisations. From general medical practices, to dental, medical aesthetics, and even stem cell treatments, the team of dedicated medical professionals are committed to providing the highest level of care.

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