Webinar Series

Silver Circle by Komune Wellness

Introducing the Silver Circle by Komune Wellness: a webinar series with a focus on active-aging, senior living, independent & assisted living, as well as other engaging current and related topics to connect and educate seniors and those who are interested from all over the country. Sign up and be part of the Silver Circle community to learn more. Look out for the webinar schedule and topics we’ll be sending you!

New to the Community?

Thinking of your senior years and planning ahead for your future needs? Making changes and taking the first steps towards the next chapter in your life upon retirement will not always be easy, therefore we’re starting off by creating an online community for seniors to explore and discover what senior living at Komune Living & Wellness will be like. Stay tuned to find out more about the Silver Circle by Komune Wellness and the activities that we are kicking off.

A Happier, Healthier Life Together

Can’t wait to be part of the Silver Circle by Komune Wellness community? We’re excited to engage and start these sharing sessions filled with useful information, insights, and more with all of you. Everyone is welcomed, and together, our community can help everyone, especially older people learn more about current health topics, explore their interests and enjoy the company of good friends and neighbors.

Mark your Calendars for our Webinars Series

Anytime you are ready to connect and find out more about us, our vision and concept, the benefits of community senior living or even getting your questions answered about how we can help you fit in, sign up and log-in to be a part of the conversation on the Silver Circle by Komune Wellness webinar series. It’s alright if you missed an episode. All our past webinars are recorded and available here to be re-watched.

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